Introducing DBS | Decentralized Bone Society

What are Skulls?

Each Skull is a unique combination of a skeleton body, an outfit, a hat, eyes, and more than 150 other distinctive traits, some of which are harder to find than others. You can find our list of rare traits on this page:

What exactly is #TheTavern?

#TheTavern is an exclusive digital space at the heart of the DBS metaverse. It will be the creative core where all community members can gather to discuss topics, share memes, vote on different decisions, and unite to collectively build the ever-growing Decentralized Bone Society world.

What goes on in #TheTavern?

The Tavern will provide rooms where artists and developers can exchange ideas, and collaborate on DBS related projects such as building apps, creating art and proposing interesting ideas for the upcoming DBS game.

Behind the Skulls

The DBS is run by a small team of four passionate NFT enthusiasts who believe in the power of NFTs and cryptocurrency. We truly believe that NFTs are the start of something big that will shape the future. Our goal is to create a self-sustaining community of independent artists and developers, able to express themselves freely and build their world without restrictions.



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Decentralized Bone Society | DBS

Decentralized Bone Society | DBS

10000 Skull NFT collection | One of the most expansive NFT metaverses #TheTavern