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3 min readSep 29, 2021


The Dev department is the backbone of the Decentralized Bone Society, that is why we’ve gathered the most talented and passionate Dev team, to breathe life into The Tavern and the entire DBS Metaverse!

Meet the Dev Team Members!


Co-founder of Decentralized Bone Society and Head of Development, he started with the vision of building the DBS Metaverse alongside the community, and is now at first hand operating on the creation of The Tavern.

He specializes in smart contract development, and additionally works on software development.

Taha’s Twitter Page:


The star of the dev team, she works on building the enchanting environments of The Tavern and the Skull characters, as The Tavern Lead Artist and Game Designer.

She has been working in 3D Design for over a decade, and is an expert in ArchViz, ProductViz, and in Development.

Codewarrior’s Artstation Page:

Codewarrior’s Instagram Page:

Codewarrior’s Twitter Page:

One of the many beautiful pieces that CodeWarrior created! © CodeWarrior


The one who brings the Skulls to life!👻 He performs as the Game Developer of The DBS Tavern.

His work on The Tavern includes developing the main gameplay, and the game mechanics.

Zenodeon’s GitHub Page:


The knight in the shadows, he is the software engineer of The DBS Tavern, and works on server infrastructure as well.

He is responsible for all things networking, and multiplayer gameplay.


A expert 3D Artist and CG Generalist, he specializes in creating captivating environments and buildings, of different styles and themes.

His art style is in beautiful harmony with the way the team and the community has pictured The Tavern, and we can’t wait to discover what he has in store!

Fedor’s Artstation Page:

© Fedor Shuteev

Daily life at the Dev channel

It’s always buzzing on the dev channel! The team members being in different time zones, the work is literally progressing 24/7!

The Dev Team are constantly updating each other and working together real-time, making sure they are on the same page, and sharing the same vision of what The Tavern is going to be.

The team loves to tease the community over on Discord ;) by sharing exclusive images and screenshots of the progress, and discussing new ideas through polls and chats!

What’s new lately?

The team is currently on the first phases of The Tavern, experimenting with the mechanics and the 3D version of the original NFT Skulls. Take a look at this sneak peek!

The Tavern’s first beta version. Careful, the Skulls are coming to life!

Be the first to know what the Dev team is up to! Join us on our Discord server for exclusive sneak peeks and teasers! :)



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