Meet The DBS Team! #2 The Creative Department

Meet the Creative Dept Members!

Emma Character Design © SacredSacrum


Co-founder and Creative Director, she is the sole artist behind the entire DBS Skull Collection!

Secret Hideout © Katherine Chang

Katherine Chang

An expert in Concept art and Industrial Design, Katherine is our 2D and 3D Artist.

Jill’s Kitchen © Katherine Chang
Green faux fixe. © Sezama


With her stopmotion animation style, her soft pastel colors and painting talent, she is the perfect addition to our team as 2D Animator!

© Paola López

Paola López

2D Illustrator and main Content Creator for social media, Paola has a childlike wonder attached to her style, rendered in the soft lines and muted colors of her illustrations.

© Primavera Tóxica

Primavera Tóxica

Luu is an Illustrator in the Creative Team. She has created her own mystical world, with enchanting themes and dazzling characters.

Arturo Rhodes

Arturo from Rhodes Studios is our Music producer / SFX.

Our Creative Vision

The rich diversity in our team members’ different art styles, and the individual ways in which they imagine the DBS universe is what makes our Creative Department so special.

There may be some newcomers in town..



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