#TheTavern: Our Community-built Space

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3 min readSep 22, 2021


At the heart of the DBS metaverse lies #TheTavern, an exclusive digital space representing the creative core of our community, where all members can gather to discuss different topics, share their interests and vote together on important decisions, with the aim of collectively building the ever-growing DBS world.

  • A Community-built space:

The most important aspect of #TheTavern is that it is 100% community-built. It is evolving through the decisions and design ideas that our members brainstorm together.

This aspect directly translates onto the digital space: The wall of The Tavern will contain artwork pieces hung there by the members; the potential Gallery will be an interactive space constantly updated with members’ exhibitions and showcases; the personal space of the members will certainly be fully customizable, and many more features will be included.

Our vision of #TheTavern is to emphasize the decentralization part of the DBS. We want to give the members complete freedom to fashion their own space, and express themselves: a truly immersive experience that goes beyond our Skulls NFT collection, and aims to engage the community.

In that same spirit, most of the revenue made from the Skull NFTs will be reinvested in #TheTavern, and documents about funding specifics will soon be released.

#TheTavern First Prototype

  • A progressively built space:

Released for the first buyers, the first prototype of #TheTavern will include a room that is visibly still under construction, in which the members can decide together what to make of the space, and be able to view the decisions they agreed upon being built on site, all while interacting with each other through their profiles.

  • A socially active space:

Members of #TheTavern will be able to create their profile specific to this space, and choose to be whoever they want, with their Skull avatars, names, and bios.

Social dynamics also come into play in #TheTavern, as badges and titles will be awarded to members, depending on how long they have been in the community, and how many Skulls they own. Ancient Tavern Dwellers, for example, is the title of our very early members. They get access to the ATD Blackboard, on which they can leave their trace.

#TheTavern will also include nostalgic games which are known to bring people together, and new games collectively developed by the community.

  • An easy-to-access space:

Accessing #TheTavern is a very simple process: All you have to do is connect your wallet to the DBS website and you will be met with an open door.

We hope to see you there soon! In the meantime, you can follow us and join our Discord server to stay up to date.: https://bit.ly/2XxLg2S



Decentralized Bone Society | DBS

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